Orang karang ar...

Busy busy busy..
lots of things have to do..


dare mo shiru koto no naki
asu to iu yami
kono te chikara no kagirinobashi
kimi no tonari de chikau

hira hira hira hira
hanabira chiru you ni
yura yura yureru kokoro
hokori takaku arete

OOO.. my phone ringing..
Ehh.. who kacau me pula??
number seem not familiar..
might be donno what insurance telemarketing gua..

slide the phone and listen..
(not even 2 sec)

uncle: woi, siapa ni..
me: huh... hello..
uncle: ni siapa.. (rude sound)
me: (WTF.. no tegur sapa, direct ask who i am.. hello, u called me one le..)
me: lu siapa... (rude sound.. sudah bo song)
doot.. doot.. doot..

WTF.. he hang my phone..
where is the morale wor...
u call me.. ask who I am..
shouldn't it be...

I might too rude..
let put it in nicer way...

even you call wrong number..
also say sorry la..
in primary school..
teachers also teach us..

someone: hello, good morning.. can I speak to ali?


someone: good morning, my name is abu. can i speak to ali please??

this one also can say.. you called to someone house, which is a lot ppl guna punya phone..
satu rumah satu phone..

now is you called handphone le..
it is satu orang satu phone lol..

not sure in future.. will have telepathy power or not..

doot doot.. doot doot..
Uncle: .........
me: .......
Uncle: ........
me: ........
Uncle: .......
doot doot doot doot....

everything can be done without sound. even no need to know who is answering it..

Overweight again!!

No other boring topic..
I gain weight again..
Since 2008, I found myself fat..
But still acceptable..

In year 2009..
Extra 2 kg..
I still accept the fact..
Still acceptable..
Just additional few nickname..
4 month baby..

Entering 2010..
I gain 2 kg again..
This time feel horrible..
But still lazy to exercise..

Now going be 2011..
I successfully obtain the title..
Sei Fei Zai..
With the record obtain additional 3 kg..
I'm extremely fat..

Have to fuck up every morning..
And run 5 km everyday..

Merry X'mas

Not everyone going to celeb..
But it's a day where everyone wish each others..
A great day to ask for present..
And a day where you going present small give..
No matter who you are..

It will great everyone enjoy the dayz..

Wishing everyone Merry X'mas and Happy Holiday..

Blogging with iPhone

Been thinking to blog from phone for quite some time...
But not prefer user the web browser from phone due to small screen and resizing..
Now got a chance to test..
But still required small keyboard on screen..
Quite hard to it out..
At least have some fun..

Too tired or muscle pain!!??
Try Yoko Yoko..

OMFG.. I'm too aging..
Need this things to support me jor..

The fact, I got 'whak tou geng' which cuci pagi..

Haih.. Padan muka lol!!
Love to shake head till clack clack..

Wow.. This seem fun and easy for lazy blogger as Pig alike ME!!!
Can blog from iPhone and upload photo easily..

New babe.. iphone4

Last years back..
I had been thinking..
what so special on iphone??
why so many ppl thinking to own 1 of it?

Once day, went to Pavillion to have a kepoh kepoh on iphone..
the moments hold it..
i feel i want to own it..
reason.. can play games when bored..

Then I start thinking should own 1 if possible..
I keep wait n wait..

Now.. the time had arrived..
On 25 Sept, after work, went to Times Square..
Start line up and pick up a number at 7pm..
That time my number is 3156.. while the current number is 3129..
only few counter operate..
Then wait a while and have dinner and fun..
about 9pm..
yahoo.. my number reached.. and I own the iphone 4 through DIGI..

KEKE... I start love digi..
A lot ppl lining up for hours while count in 5-8 hours..
but i able to get it only 2 hour line up..
That brilliant..

Start have some hands on.. and i'm loving it..
Can have some online game through the phone..
of course.. additional some apps for my own usage..
^^ happy weekend.

Too much FIRE... easy HOT..

Start lost patient when drive inside KL city..
Start have more and more foul words from my mouth..
Damn idiot and stupid those driver..
Not considering the safety of others driver..
Completely RUIN our beautiful morning and DAY..

Don't want drive anymore..
Better take lrt la..

World of Soccer..

My first addiction on Soccer is on.. 1998 World Cup.
A lot of soccer fans in my generation or next generation is addicted through David Beckham..
A free kick specialist in World Cup..
noticed on the Match England VS Columbia..
A stunning Free Kick.. OF COURSE with his HANDSOME looking..

BUT for me..
I start addicted through Dennis Bergkamp..
A legend of Arsenal..
With the skill and technique of through ball..
He do created a lot of Wonderful Goals..

But weird..
I not always follow the Soccer..
I rarely will get addicted such wake up at 2am and watch till 5am..

Yesterday.. I start watch my favo team.. Arsenal games..
Can say.. I'm quite heart attack with the game..
Poor attacking player..
Not reliable Goolkeeper..
and most worst.. miss a penalty..
and most disaster.. 95 minutes goal to make it drew..
WTF.. poor game and defending lol..

Then today.. first time in life..
went to mamak watch MU VS Liverpool..
At first.. MU lead with 2 goal..
I thought I seat at MU place.. A lot ppl cheer once berba score the second goal..

Until Liverpool level up to 2-2 through Gerard FK..
most of mamak fans are LIVERPOOL..
I'm wondering.. does MU fans become less and less..

Whatever.. the most curiosity is..

It really rare to found Arsenal Fans in Malaysia..

So far.. I can count with my 2 hand on total Arsenal Fans from my friend list..

Gunners 4ever..

miss the unbeaten run moments..

Bought a new TOY..
All the while..
All my post photo are bought to you by Sony Ericsson K810i..
It will sufficient for most of the time except Night Mode photo..
or any high expectation..
because it only a phone camera with Cybershot technology..

Today I add another tool into my daily photo shooting..
Bought a Canon Powershot S90..
Guess this would be sufficient for me before step into the DSLR world..

took from my K810i

Took some photo from my new TOY..
Look pretty sharp and nice..

Hope more and more nice shooting photo will start from today..

hmmm... start thinking to have a DSLR soon..

Will.. Enjoying yer moments..

Guess I been missing for years..
Blog not updated for years..
Account also kena removed by google..
I thought my account kena hack...
But in fact, my gmail been locked and not able to view anymore..

Everything goes fine after re-login and re-authenticate my gmail account..

I being a very busy guy for weeks even months..
I had ended my first job since graduate..
Which are 4 years and 1 month..

In my new work environment..
I hardly can predict I can work longer than 2 years lol..
The amount of stress and tension damn really kill me off..
Could not find a moments at night where have a warm n peaceful sleep..

But to my surprise..
Coz too tension every day since end of August till TODAY..
At last.. tonight did not feel any tension or stress..
I even can feel it was a wonderful night..
I feel very fresh and got tones of times I can work out my own stuff..
Actually.. is a good sign lol..
As what malay phase it as..
"Biar susah dahulu, senang lenang kemudian hari"
WTF.. feel is hard to type Malay words..

Compare with last job..
I can feel both have different feel~~
In previous job, I did not care either I get off or not..
I would not plan a long holiday...
I would not feel the enjoyment of holiday..

But time changes..
Now is different..
I love holiday..
Holiday means..
No stress day..
WOOHOO.. is Friday Night !!!

To be truth to myself..
I really enjoying my peaceful time..
Can think of a lot things I can do..
But first.. listen to Japan Song..
Being a huge fans of Ayu...

Love this song a lot.. Will...
DAMN.. she really pretty and kawaii..

Value of Being Handsome..

Today is my first day..
as my status.. unemployed..

after a long time of being hardcore in working..
now.. at last can have a rest for a moments..
of course.. take this opportunity to fixed my personal things first..

first went to take my health reports.. then service car.. then balance car tyre..
when go to clinic..
as a guy.. of course will have a look on surrounding..
any leng lui or attractive girl walking around..
even when enter clinic also look look around see any kawaii nurse..

then went to service car..
here the moments..
suddenly an attractive girl appear.. her car have problem..
suddenly a leng lui appear.. she bring her fren repair car..
i start think.. become a good mechanic..
really an advantages..
beside u have the skills..
if u have the look.. more business u can gain..
*the mechanic also quite leng zai la...

then i start dreaming..
if i able be an engineer and work around to find business..
guess my business wont as bad gua..

but horror appear..
i forget to look mirror before white dream..
took a photo last night..
and i DAMN FAT lol..

extremely FATTY...
how how how wor....
no more leng zai or yeng liao le..
just have fat and fat and fat lol...
if fat of money is ok..
but is fat of oil..

28 July 2010.. another date of the year..

28 July 2010..
will end my employment at i9..
which i being at here for almost 4 years and 2 month..
start from 1 june 2006..

The main reason i had chosen this company..
rather than another offer being offered to me in year 2006..
is because linux..

I started to love linux a lot since my industrial taining..
under my guidelines from the senior..
they had show me the power of linux..
thankx a lot....

If anyone asked me..
what is my main task..
i will say..
kuli.. what also do..

in fact.. its the truth..
i started as technical support.. supporting all end user pc..
then gradually start my career as database administrator..
after a moment.. i been assign to join r&d using perl.. start write coding with perl..
then one of my first sohai colleague resign..
have to take some of his job responsibility doing system..
that moments.. i start involved back in linux and server rebuilding..

then.. after a while.. another close sohai colleague resign..
i have to take both of the sohais responsibility..
that the moments.. i being involved doing...
end user support... PC..
system.. server and linux..
security n network.. iptables and network..
then.. get assign again to a new roles..
as database developer..
i start to do database design n tuning..
then involved in a project.. rebuilding a small datacenter..
i start involved in more on database backup solution..

overall.. can say..
i9 had been help my career path and knowledge broad..
from end user pc to server to database to storage to network..
i had experience a lot things and been able to think broadly..
it been a great moments..
which i able to gain so much experience in this first company i had join..

but learning process cannot be stop in middle..
therefore.. i had chosen a step..
to explore to outside world..
to gain more experience..
and not to forget.. gain more moneys la of course..

thanks a lot to all my frens, colleagues, boss.. that being bring me up..
not to forget.. the 2 sohais...

Car get screw again for second time..

Last 6 month ago.. When I park at VISITOR parking..
my car key lock at the passenger seat get stole..
that time was so lucky..
cause i pick my friends and try to open the door..
but not success..

that time, the thief damn geng lol..
they pull out the whole key holder out..
and stole the key lock only..
then placed back the key holder..
make it nothing had happen lol..
if my friends didnt open the door..
guess my car will gone by late night..

That time.. to repair the key..
need to use almost rm250 just for change all the key..
2 at the front door, bonnet and start engine key..
to change all the key is ok for me..
but what make me more bo song is the stupid shop..
charge me damn expensive lol..
and the workmanship skill damn SUX..
they cant place the lock properly..
still can see the hole in between the place kena screw..
charge so high.. but bad quality..
the shop locate at puchong.. behind bintang..
PM me if want to know the shop location...

After half year liao la...
when i want go for work..
i open the door and close lol..
then something strange happen...

My double light signal is keep blinking..
this only happen when my car door not close properly..
i check all the door.. and go out look at bonnet...
my bonnet had open..
FUCK it.. and see the key hole..
get screw and left a big hole..
this time the thief damn noob..
left so huge hole..
Weird.. the alarm not rang..
and more weird..
same as the first time..
nothing had stolen except the key lock..

What else can i can do wor..
have to drive the car to mechanic lol..
but of corse diff than the first time shop la..
this time really jia lak lol..
need to change all the key..
need to hit back the car steal..
need to repaint the area..
total need to used rm500 for all..
lucky the car lock only cost rm160.. cheaper rm90.. last time get scam liao le..

This time.. i start very fed up and dulan...
why my car get aim again worr..
have to go do police report...
not to say police will catch them la.. but at least..
let the police know something had happen at there..
hope they can have more ronda ronda in the area..

To be true.. for all fren outside there..
If your car happen the same things..
please go change all the key lock and do whatever u can..
perhaps hide ur car or change the parking place..

Sometimes ppl will say..
aiya.. they just try luck see anything at ur car bonnet bo la.. no worry.. just change the bonnet lock enough liao.. cheap cheap only...

but hor... the real motive for them are..

how come??

the key lock at bonnet, they stole liao..
then they try to dup a key from the stolen key lock..
since you didnt change all the key lock, they manage to open the main door..
aka driver door..
"aiya.. got alarm ma.. sure bunyi one la.."
but what happen if they use the key..
put into the engine start key hole, then press "DISABLE ALARM BUTTON"

alarm no sound liao le...

then easily they will drive your car away without make anyone suspect them..

so.. please take any precaution step before it happen to your car..

FUCK lol.. what else i can do now le...

Journey to see lala..

I had been travel to Times Square for few days..
Today, finally decided go to Sg Wang for lunch..
After the hard work..
Move 1U, 2U, 4U server.. up and down..

to release our stress..
My colleague and I decided have some lunch at Sg Wang..
Since I not prefer the place since young..
And.. Today.. I look left and right..
OMG.. a lot young "ladies" wearing was so matured..
Even some teenager do not dare to wear out..
The skirt is so short.. and some is HOTZ PANTZ...

It was so funny lol..
Someone dont have it..
but try to wear AS have it..
nowadays those "mui mui zai so kek sou" lol..
Just reach 12-15..
wear as Office ladies de..
look damn matured lol..

HMMMM... i still prefer look around Pavillion area lol..
Is more nicer view.. hehe

By the way.. on the way back Times Square..
I start talk talk a lot about lala mui de lol..
Suddenly.. i heard some spray sound..
I turn myself..

2 young boy.. is spray their hair...
OMG... they too trend de le...
no more those hand modelling their hair or combing here there liao...

need bo wor.. go school also bring the hair spray mehh..

Facebook.. but is face the book.. not facebook..

Nowadays.. after sometimes..
you will notice...
all your time.. when online..
had spend on FACEBOOK..
I do notice.. IS most of my time..

can say when work..
facebook a while lol..
level up and assign all task to my games in FB lol..
after work..
facebook a while lol..
look at the video, status post by frens.. and photos too..

morning.. facebook..
noon.. facebook..
evening.. facebook..
night.. facebook..

lucky there does not have facebook while sleeping..

It been drag and slow me down with facebook..
although is a while only.. but total..
It took me more than 8 hours a day..
you cant concentrate in work face worry the income in games had arrived..
you cant sleep well cause u need adjust before sleep set the work..
after few hours.. wake up and harvest the income again..

If not.. will keep kepo with fren status..
It totally same as msn.. but is broadcast to everyone what the chat look like..
and while broadcast.. is hoping some cute girl will popup..
and campurtangan lol..

But lucky.. i still can be save...
I do spend some times looking for book in MPH...

from IT book.. i start look into investment book..
from investment.. i start look into feng shui..
from feng shui.. i start look into motivation..

I can say.. at first.. i bought magazine for deduct the income tax..
willing to spend more book rather than pay to government..

this year.. i had bought quite some book lol.. all tebal tebal..
but finished read.. i can say none..

Really not a bookworm type lol..
although my look, look as bookworm..

Recently.. i start feel my brain become slowdown..
is time to boost it up de lol..
so.. now my favo book is this one...

YEAH.... is SUDOKU...


Hope can continue and start back my motivation in reading book lol..
rather than become "sam pat" (38) guy in fb lol...


Sometimes.. we feel everything is within our hand..
you will have feeling..
damn.. you are dead meat..
you will die in my hand..
I'm so confident, my luck will help me melt u off...

BUT.. just few minute, or even 1 second..
your mind will say..
"OOO... FUCKUP... I'm DEAD now..."
everything will 360' turn to make u death..
Then you will start scratch your head..
How come GOD not with me..

But you had forget.. GOD had help you in last few second ago..
Just this time your luck gone.. and is your turn become dead meat..

SO.. everything is not always on your side..
have to take and give all the time..
no matter how strong the base..
once a small ant start gather the food and build an empire..
your strong base will start collapse..

nothing will last forever..
important you must be able to get up once you fall down..
no matter how many times you fall..
you need to climb back..
the moment you climb, that the base you have..

Silly Red Button

Found something silly on net...

check this out..

Red Button

All time neighbour and housemate.. bye bye...

It been 4 years...
Times had come..
Have to bandon the old place..
And move to new place..

I can count with 1 hand how many times I had tidy the old place..
Now after moving.. I feel.. all the time when I slept at there..
I do have lots accompany..
A lot tiny tiny friends accompany me..

Thanks for all the time accompany me..
But time had come.. I have no choices anymore..
I need to leave u guys behind and get through it..
Is time for us to separates..
I will not just leave you guys at the old place..
But will show the path to heaven..
I have to kill you guys this time...

Thanks for the time..

And time to say Goodbye..
My dear friends cockroaches, spiders, book worms,
Goodbye to all the eggs and nest u had built on my paper box and room..

That the way..!!!

Port Dickson Famous Rojak..

Almost 1 month do not blog anything..
There lots of interesting I want to blog again..

Let start with Port Dickson..
1 of the best in PD town food..

It was the.. Rojak...
Yummy.. love rojak a lot..
This shop is located at PD town..
If you cant find it..
Just mention.. PD old pasar.. Everyone at PD knew where it is..
Unless the person MIA long time ago..

As you can see, there is Rojak & Mee Goreng..
The mee goreng also superior nice...
If you dare.. Don't ask for kurang pedas..

For Rojak, there are mee rojak and rojak biasa..
What the different??
See also know liao.. 1 got mee, 1 don't have mee..
That all.. but the one don't have mee, will get more bean sprout.. (taugeh)..
quite crispy though...

Human Being..

When I'm child.. I wish I can grow faster.. for skip going to school..
When I'm in University... I wish I can come to work place.. to skip all wasting subject..
When I'm in workfield.. I wish I can go back to school.. So can holiday when I want..
When I'm old... Maybe I wish can be kindergarten child which have lots youth to come..


A lot unsatisfied thought and regret..

When I'm in kindergarten.. I don't even think what is money..
When I'm in primary.. I think.. Everyday, I hold 50 cents will feel secure..
When I'm in secondary.. I think.. Everyday, should have at least RM50 to feel secure..
When I'm in University.. I think.. Everyday, I must have RM100++..
When I'm in Working.. I think.. Everyday, I must have RM300++..
I'm wondering... How much will it be when I reach age 30, 40, 50 or older...
Will everything can be satisfied?

Everyone also wish.. to be success and have a fine days.. calm and peaceful..

I do believe... I still can be improve..
Nothing can be limit cause we are HUMAN...
Human can do anything If they think they can..
Nothing is impossible..

But there do some enemy which HUMAN scare the most..
Greedy.. Laziness.. Stubborn.. Chicken..
ARE the worst enemy..
Even a little small demotivated.. will killed a human..

Then as usual.. if there is darkside..
OF COURSE there still have brightside..

Still remember when I'm young..
I start make my own improvement based on comic character..
Dragon Ball, Daraemon, Samurai X, GTO, Yuyu...
All only for fun and enjoyment..
I learn the most from Slam Dunk comic..

What make you more perfect than prodigy..
There must be Hardworking and believe..
Must accept what is your mistake and start make improvement from there..
If a genius.. done by 1 days.. Then you need hardwork done it withing 1 days..
but of course with extra hours..

Believe yourself and dare yourself...

Street Performance at Taipei 101

Here is the video I capture when I'm at Taiwan..
Went to Taipei 101 for some leisure..
And met this guy..
His performance was so good..
Make me wonder..
How many years he been train..
Wont his muscle pain like hell..

At Taiwan....

It is the 4th time I went to Taiwan..
Since I join this company in 2006..

First time, is for training as DBA..
Second time, is for Project.. (anyone knew this project.. sure knew what is hell alike)..
Third time, is for Project too..
Fourth time, is for Annual Dinner and Project too...

Each time, when i'm on flight..
I do hope to capture the outside of plane photo..
This time, luckily I had borrow the camera from my sister.. (Thanks sister)..

So.. I manage to capture few photo while on the plane..
I love the crowd... remind me of "Skypiea"... (from One Piece.. here)
A country at crowd.. really nice if it really does have it..

in plane after depart not long ago

in plane after acknowledge will land soon

Generally.. I love the first photo of the snow flakes..
At the mirror one.. very nice lol..
Maybe I didnt saw snow before gua..
Can imagine how cold is it outside there..
Till snow flakes also appear...

Then the second one.. I love the crowd..
Like a big pieces of land on sky..
Feel want just jump at there and swim..

Dragon Call

So many games I play only..
compare with others.. is very less de...
now I start play web based online game again..
This time called Dragon Call..

It is very simple game...
nothing hard and no need use much brain..
just see where got "!".. then click.. is quest..
if show "?".. then click too... is rewards..
very simple.. not much to think..

The fighting part also easy... no need do anything, all in auto..
means... you can play while working.. no need care much..
if no time.. just send to job..
let the time run itself while u still can get money and exp..

easy right... really easy...
just need high bandwidth line...

in city

in wild

fight scene, text mode

fight scene, graphic mode

This game have 3 type you can choose..
warrior, assasin , and mage..



Damn Funny lol...


All settle... satisfy.. but PK de..

At last, things that been delay for ages..
Had DONE...

Went to settle all my car issue...
Check my car.. due to no ohmm at all when press accelerator to bottom...
Found out same case with last few years ago..
The cable plug defect..
This time I ask my mechanic to change the spark plug too..

me: "Can change the spark plug too?"
he: "huh???"
me: "yeah... cause.. 2 plug cable defect but the spark plug still the same in 3 years plus.. soo.... maybe... hehe"
he: "hmm.. ok.. let me check"

end out... he check and found out the spark plug also rosak a bit de.. head is nipis liao...

Then I do request to change the car battery..
SOOO LONGG not change de le.. since i bought the car...

SO as usual lol.. a car idiot will ask idiot question lol..

he: "any battery you prefer?"
me: "any good battery" (like no answer his question lol)
then he call few phone and say no-- no--not this one-- others...

he: "century battery lol.. ok right.. about rm180.. you think think lol.."
me: "yeah.. ok ar.. errr... got any other brand bo?"
he: "century no good meh... how many years ur car battery de?"
me: "3 years and 6 months lol"
he: "hmm.. yealol... ma good la this battery.."
me .... feel like car idiot le.. aahahah..
what also donno...

Then I'm thinking... how nice if i'm still young..
Can go car shop become mechanic le...
So jealous to know so many car repairing skill..

Then I go to other workshop...
Tyre... I not sure want go which one.. so see see the shop so many car...
Ma have a try lol..
Ask for fun also good ma..
Then ask him lol..
He say Rm1060 for 15' rim and tyre with trade in my old tyre n RIM which he estimate RM450 la..
For me.. sure no problem le.. since my rim also bengkok de.. hehe.. can sell RM450 also good lol..

I estimate need Rm1500 for those things lol after trade my old things ma..
Mana tau... when he close sales de ar.. in the time setup my car tyre ar...
He suggest a lot things.. say add this la.. change this la..
Each things also wan Rm100 ++ le..
I thinking... you add this and that.. later on also will be RM1500 le... or even more le..

Cannot tahan anymore.. terus ask him...
"CAN tell me what else hidden things you not mention anymore?"
what a frustrated sales guy.. keep add this n that...
so end up... after the words and ask him type the final price...
He no say anything to change anymore..

Firstly thought wanna go there for balancing, rotate and allignment...
mana tau keep pressure me.. make me dulan liao...
next time better go to other shop lol...

END of day... everything wanna fixed.. had fixed.. battery, spark plug, plug cable, rim, tyre...
ALL done... with satisfy.. all cost me RM1540...


Pity wife...

Its new Year... 2010..
Hope this year will be my GOOD year....

but... before a new year come..
I brought last year pasal to this year de..
Delay is my enemy... FUCK...
go away "DELAY"...
shu shuuu...

Let start with my lovely wife..
been together for 3 years and 6 months...
every month need feed with few hundred on drinks..
then need put at least rm400 for every year repairs..
not including the service..
SIGH.. so much things had happen to her.. so pity my dear...

Firstly.. car cannot start after 200km which cause by lousy mechanic not install the battery properly..
Secondly.. the car clutch box screw due to lousy mechanic did not store properly..
Thirdly.. the tyre cable is run off.. make me cannot do balancing..
Fourth.. Exhaust Pipe broken...
Fifth.. Plug cable have problem..
Sixth.. Alarm system short.. change whole alarm system..
Seventh.. some idiot try stole my car.. broke the key hole.. but found out soon, change whole key lock..

FUHHH.... just 3 years and 6 month.. so many issue had happen..
But... still have few things I need do this month..
for my lovely wife...

First.. need change the plug again.. cause the car no power after change gear...
Second.. need change the battery, from purchase date till now havent change yet..
Third.. need to change 4 tyre.. since no much flower liao lol..
Fourth.. optional... may need change the rim.. now is 16' rim..

hope good year will come..

Happy New Year 2010 !!

Year 2009 is end now..
New Year is coming..
Year 2010...

My last meal for year 2009..

First time in the year 2009..
ate till cold sweat coming... =.="


~~Happy New Year 2010~~