New babe.. iphone4

Last years back..
I had been thinking..
what so special on iphone??
why so many ppl thinking to own 1 of it?

Once day, went to Pavillion to have a kepoh kepoh on iphone..
the moments hold it..
i feel i want to own it..
reason.. can play games when bored..

Then I start thinking should own 1 if possible..
I keep wait n wait..

Now.. the time had arrived..
On 25 Sept, after work, went to Times Square..
Start line up and pick up a number at 7pm..
That time my number is 3156.. while the current number is 3129..
only few counter operate..
Then wait a while and have dinner and fun..
about 9pm..
yahoo.. my number reached.. and I own the iphone 4 through DIGI..

KEKE... I start love digi..
A lot ppl lining up for hours while count in 5-8 hours..
but i able to get it only 2 hour line up..
That brilliant..

Start have some hands on.. and i'm loving it..
Can have some online game through the phone..
of course.. additional some apps for my own usage..
^^ happy weekend.

Too much FIRE... easy HOT..

Start lost patient when drive inside KL city..
Start have more and more foul words from my mouth..
Damn idiot and stupid those driver..
Not considering the safety of others driver..
Completely RUIN our beautiful morning and DAY..

Don't want drive anymore..
Better take lrt la..

World of Soccer..

My first addiction on Soccer is on.. 1998 World Cup.
A lot of soccer fans in my generation or next generation is addicted through David Beckham..
A free kick specialist in World Cup..
noticed on the Match England VS Columbia..
A stunning Free Kick.. OF COURSE with his HANDSOME looking..

BUT for me..
I start addicted through Dennis Bergkamp..
A legend of Arsenal..
With the skill and technique of through ball..
He do created a lot of Wonderful Goals..

But weird..
I not always follow the Soccer..
I rarely will get addicted such wake up at 2am and watch till 5am..

Yesterday.. I start watch my favo team.. Arsenal games..
Can say.. I'm quite heart attack with the game..
Poor attacking player..
Not reliable Goolkeeper..
and most worst.. miss a penalty..
and most disaster.. 95 minutes goal to make it drew..
WTF.. poor game and defending lol..

Then today.. first time in life..
went to mamak watch MU VS Liverpool..
At first.. MU lead with 2 goal..
I thought I seat at MU place.. A lot ppl cheer once berba score the second goal..

Until Liverpool level up to 2-2 through Gerard FK..
most of mamak fans are LIVERPOOL..
I'm wondering.. does MU fans become less and less..

Whatever.. the most curiosity is..

It really rare to found Arsenal Fans in Malaysia..

So far.. I can count with my 2 hand on total Arsenal Fans from my friend list..

Gunners 4ever..

miss the unbeaten run moments..

Bought a new TOY..
All the while..
All my post photo are bought to you by Sony Ericsson K810i..
It will sufficient for most of the time except Night Mode photo..
or any high expectation..
because it only a phone camera with Cybershot technology..

Today I add another tool into my daily photo shooting..
Bought a Canon Powershot S90..
Guess this would be sufficient for me before step into the DSLR world..

took from my K810i

Took some photo from my new TOY..
Look pretty sharp and nice..

Hope more and more nice shooting photo will start from today..

hmmm... start thinking to have a DSLR soon..

Will.. Enjoying yer moments..

Guess I been missing for years..
Blog not updated for years..
Account also kena removed by google..
I thought my account kena hack...
But in fact, my gmail been locked and not able to view anymore..

Everything goes fine after re-login and re-authenticate my gmail account..

I being a very busy guy for weeks even months..
I had ended my first job since graduate..
Which are 4 years and 1 month..

In my new work environment..
I hardly can predict I can work longer than 2 years lol..
The amount of stress and tension damn really kill me off..
Could not find a moments at night where have a warm n peaceful sleep..

But to my surprise..
Coz too tension every day since end of August till TODAY..
At last.. tonight did not feel any tension or stress..
I even can feel it was a wonderful night..
I feel very fresh and got tones of times I can work out my own stuff..
Actually.. is a good sign lol..
As what malay phase it as..
"Biar susah dahulu, senang lenang kemudian hari"
WTF.. feel is hard to type Malay words..

Compare with last job..
I can feel both have different feel~~
In previous job, I did not care either I get off or not..
I would not plan a long holiday...
I would not feel the enjoyment of holiday..

But time changes..
Now is different..
I love holiday..
Holiday means..
No stress day..
WOOHOO.. is Friday Night !!!

To be truth to myself..
I really enjoying my peaceful time..
Can think of a lot things I can do..
But first.. listen to Japan Song..
Being a huge fans of Ayu...

Love this song a lot.. Will...
DAMN.. she really pretty and kawaii..