Happy Bak Zhang Festival..

I had been save this post for quite some times..
At last.. today is Bak Zhang Festival..
So I can post this homemade bak zhang from my mum..

It really delicious with the pork and the rice..
I even ate all 4 bak zhang in 1 go..

But pity, I didnt have chances to taste the Yellow colour dumpling.. forget call what name de..
After finished the Bak Zhang.. must eat some the yellow colour dumpling together with Kaya..
Both also homemade by my mum..
Superb.. sure can gain fat very fast..

My mum bak zhang

View inside the Bak Zhang

All 4 Bak Zhang


Happy Bak Zhang Festival!!

Just for fun..

Received 1 youtube link by friends..
Damn hilarious this video..
I like a lot the "ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten..."
BLA... too many ten..
wonder how he going to pronounce 1 thousand or 1 million..

Ampang Lookup Point

It been long time I did not update my blog..
Last week, I had been to the Lookup Point aka Small Genting..
But hor.. many ppl say the real small genting is the one have playground..
But hor.. many ppl say the real small genting is the one have burger stall one..
But hor.. some say the real small genting have the gasoline and steak house one..
I also donno what with what la.. cincai la..
Can see the KL night view, have some nice dinner and chit chatting is good enough..

First of all, I really no idea how to go there.. I just print out the direction from a blog..
And.. just go.. that all..
Just follow a piece of paper with the direction..
On the way.. we found out the direction in the paper is weird weird.. not really guide us at all..
AND.. I forget check the blog date.. WTF.. now i recheck.. the blog direction is for Year 2006..

Lucky.. we have human GPS in the car.. miss jamie..
Can point and direct the road to the Lookup Point..
Roughly.. this is the way to go.. if my memory good enough and still remember..
1. Go to MRR2 and exit pandan indah...
2. Go straight till saw ESSO station on left side.. at the traffic light turn right..
3. Go straight till see the Puteri Park Plaze on left side.. then turn left..
4. Keep straight and turn right when see the sign board show to Kajang..
5. The road is naik bukit one.. will see the Lookup Point sign board..
6. Then naik bukit, follow the road bengkang kengkok.. then will see a entrance gate to the LookUp Point at ur right side.

YUP.. you reach the destination.. Entrance fees will charge about RM2.. so just gave them lol..
then when u go up the hill.. you have to look for parking.. If very crowded.. just go for jockey parking.. only charge RM5..
WORTH.. better than keep pusing pusing for parking..

Here the some photo at the LookUp Point..

LookUp View.. (Took with SE K810i)

2am night view..

View from Gasoline..

Gummy Gummy BEAR...

I thought tonight going be raining..
Can say Hello.. to RAIN.. and GOODBYE to HOT..
but too bad.. the RAIN don't like me.. she don't want to come..
but she rain at other place.. here still....
DAMN hot... hot hot hot...

Anyway.. since i'm quite bored for the moment..
I try find some interesting video on youtube..
and YES.. i found 1 video..
BUT.. after watch this video.. I feel more pening..
My head keep..

please stop the tones in my head..


ok.. the video and song quite cute.. but...
at least dont keep repeat the tones in my mind..

seriously.. there are 13 millions views on this video..


It been long time this ringtones does not appear from my phone..
Quite a shock... but feel relieved with the news you bring to me..
I'm glad and feel happy for you too..
Hope everything will going on as you wish..
All da best..


Nowadays the wind..
No matter easrly morning, noon, evening nor night..
The warm air and windy wind will make me feel..
Feel wanna let the wind bring me along..
Long time does not have this kind of feel de..
Blow all my stress and confusing..
By the way.. I do hope.. tmr will have this nice wind..
Plan have a jogging in early morning..