Happy Birthday!!

YEAH... officially..
Today is 11 July 2009..

I been living in this world for.. 26 years..
26 years...
wish myself...

Happy Birthday 26 years old...

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson

Since 25 June till now.. almost 2 weeks..
Michael Jackson.. King of Pop... had pass away..
At first.. I cant believe when I read my friends status in FB..
but what happen.. sure happen..

ehm... actually.. since i'm child.. I think that time is age around 6 o 7 years old..
I love a lot MJ song.. especially "Beat It"..
I can watch the MTV for few days non stop..
keep repeat and repeat..
then keep repeat and repeat and repeat..
So cool the MTV.. a lot geng is gather at car park.. OOO.. is not car park le.. is warehouse le..
All of them show their power..
Frankly.. I donno what they do at car park that time.. just feel its cool..
Want to fight but keep dance by themself..

Then.. this song.. I called as.. "am bek"..
cool right.. "Am bek.. Am bekkk..."
till now.. i still not understand how come from...
"Beat it" can be "Am Bekk"..
maybe my hearing have problem.. or my understand not deep..

But... I do appreciate what MJ had contribute to the musical worlds...

..Rest in Peace Michael Jackson..

Spend Eat.. Spend Eat.. Spend Eat.. I love it.. but need control..

Suddenly I feel.. I need go for some shop to "isi" my food stock..
So I went to The Store at Sri Petaling..
At first, I plan to buy tissue paper and chili sause only..
Mana tau.. sambil jalan.. makin banyak wa ambil..
End up.. in 15 minutes.. I managed to collect total item cost me RM77.50..

I found out.. I didn't think much when I pick the item..
Shitzzz lol..
I don't even know or remember any price list I can compare with..
My mind just..
"this look nice.. ok la.. ambil la.. eii.. kit kat wor.. ok la ambil la.. eiii.. where the chewing gum.. ok.. take one.. this one look value wor.. take la.. i miss this one wor.. ok sapu.. macam sedap wor.. okok."
So easy.. so senang.. just pick whatever I like..
but frankly.. It quite bored to shop alone..
so make it fast will best solution too..

Some portion of my purchasing.. ~~food~~

Last 2 weeks, I did some shopping too.. on the way I went back.. I met a friendly aunty at lif..
The aunty even ask me where I shop.. after she knew I went to The Store, she told me "Carrefour more cheaper".. Then i was like.. "Okay"...
DARN.. i dont even do any research.. I just wan easy and fast.. That all.. HAHA.. Guy shopping style completely different than Girl..

Whatever.. After the shop, I went to the Sri Petaling Pasar Malam..
Last time when mention about Pasar Malam, I quite lazy to go...
Mayb it is too crowded..
But now a bit different.. I will go to Sri Petaling Pasar Malam 2 weeks once..
So.. I bought..
1 pack Taiwan fried chicken..
1 cucuk ayam percik..
1 cucuk bebola ikan..
1 cucuk ham..
1 cucuk hotdog..
1 cucuk donno call what fried things..
and 1 bottle air tebu..

WOW.. that is for my dinner.. on my way walk back to car.. something cross my head..
"I bought too much this time.. die lol.. sure fat a lot.."

Pasar Malam Food.. become cap food

So.. I pour all the food to 1 plate.. YEAH.. just as the pictures.. Is over crowded adn full of meat meat meat..
Really full le after finished all.. I really buy too much de.. Now.. make me feel..
DONT WAN GO PASAR MALAM for food anymore..
TOO kenyang and ji lak...

Furthermore.. this few weeks.. I been on diet.. I had success cause a lot ppl told me..
"PM, u look thin liao.. you in diet ar?"
Answer.. "YES.. on diet now.."
AHA... but too bad.. this few days.. a lot food keep flow into my stomach.. and
I found 1 photo...
Which my dear friends.. EDMUND... he is the one.. and the first one.. point out my 3 month baby stomach from photo.. DAMN...
This photo still hunt me a lot..
I decided to post out.. because.. want to remind me..
So i can continue on diet and do some exercise to keep fit..
here the photo..

PD trip.. Year 2005.. so bulat le.. apa itu..

This photo took when we on PD trip.. YEAH.. is PD trip again.. don't know why I join so many PD trip nowadays.. err... I think this one is Year 2005..
At first.. I not notice at all about my stomach and tis photo.. But.. he edit a video for us.. and make this photo at the end of the video..
Too obvious... my perut so bulat liao le...

Must continue to keep diet and make me fit...