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Red Button

All time neighbour and housemate.. bye bye...

It been 4 years...
Times had come..
Have to bandon the old place..
And move to new place..

I can count with 1 hand how many times I had tidy the old place..
Now after moving.. I feel.. all the time when I slept at there..
I do have lots accompany..
A lot tiny tiny friends accompany me..

Thanks for all the time accompany me..
But time had come.. I have no choices anymore..
I need to leave u guys behind and get through it..
Is time for us to separates..
I will not just leave you guys at the old place..
But will show the path to heaven..
I have to kill you guys this time...

Thanks for the time..

And time to say Goodbye..
My dear friends cockroaches, spiders, book worms,
Goodbye to all the eggs and nest u had built on my paper box and room..

That the way..!!!