Value of Being Handsome..

Today is my first day..
as my status.. unemployed..

after a long time of being hardcore in working..
now.. at last can have a rest for a moments..
of course.. take this opportunity to fixed my personal things first..

first went to take my health reports.. then service car.. then balance car tyre..
when go to clinic..
as a guy.. of course will have a look on surrounding..
any leng lui or attractive girl walking around..
even when enter clinic also look look around see any kawaii nurse..

then went to service car..
here the moments..
suddenly an attractive girl appear.. her car have problem..
suddenly a leng lui appear.. she bring her fren repair car..
i start think.. become a good mechanic..
really an advantages..
beside u have the skills..
if u have the look.. more business u can gain..
*the mechanic also quite leng zai la...

then i start dreaming..
if i able be an engineer and work around to find business..
guess my business wont as bad gua..

but horror appear..
i forget to look mirror before white dream..
took a photo last night..
and i DAMN FAT lol..

extremely FATTY...
how how how wor....
no more leng zai or yeng liao le..
just have fat and fat and fat lol...
if fat of money is ok..
but is fat of oil..

28 July 2010.. another date of the year..

28 July 2010..
will end my employment at i9..
which i being at here for almost 4 years and 2 month..
start from 1 june 2006..

The main reason i had chosen this company..
rather than another offer being offered to me in year 2006..
is because linux..

I started to love linux a lot since my industrial taining..
under my guidelines from the senior..
they had show me the power of linux..
thankx a lot....

If anyone asked me..
what is my main task..
i will say..
kuli.. what also do..

in fact.. its the truth..
i started as technical support.. supporting all end user pc..
then gradually start my career as database administrator..
after a moment.. i been assign to join r&d using perl.. start write coding with perl..
then one of my first sohai colleague resign..
have to take some of his job responsibility doing system..
that moments.. i start involved back in linux and server rebuilding..

then.. after a while.. another close sohai colleague resign..
i have to take both of the sohais responsibility..
that the moments.. i being involved doing...
end user support... PC..
system.. server and linux..
security n network.. iptables and network..
then.. get assign again to a new roles..
as database developer..
i start to do database design n tuning..
then involved in a project.. rebuilding a small datacenter..
i start involved in more on database backup solution..

overall.. can say..
i9 had been help my career path and knowledge broad..
from end user pc to server to database to storage to network..
i had experience a lot things and been able to think broadly..
it been a great moments..
which i able to gain so much experience in this first company i had join..

but learning process cannot be stop in middle..
therefore.. i had chosen a step..
to explore to outside world..
to gain more experience..
and not to forget.. gain more moneys la of course..

thanks a lot to all my frens, colleagues, boss.. that being bring me up..
not to forget.. the 2 sohais...