My Blog Count

Sigh... been long time abandon my blog..
Had a quick checking on the current state..
At first.. I thought my become spider web for long time..
But unexpected..

The Blog is alive and still kicking the air..
The blog only have 20 post in total for 3 years.. WTF... average 7 blog per year..
Quite lame... but still kicking my main blog...
The number of page visitor is 50% more than the main blog.. DAMN...

Guess in this world of Internet..
Knowledge is more important and easier to bring up a blog alive..

Might need to revamped and reorganize my current update in this main blog..
For the knowaddict.. then then additional knowledge base information do will provide...

WTF.... Out Number kao kao... 

End of Year 2011..

Year 2011 is approaching toward the end now..
What had happen in this year.. sound bad that happen..
1. Abandon the blog with only 2 posts....
2. Change of new environment in working space..
3. Increasing of Credit Card..
4. Increasing the loan.. hutang keliling pinggan.. DAMN..
5. Failed my Year 2011 resolution.. WTF..

Then what had happened that sound great for me??
1. Success obtain the first RM1 from selling product online..
2. Success obtain the first RM1 from stock investment..
3. Success to own a property..
4. Success to wake up at 6am everyday for GYM... DAMN... suffering...
5. Due to point 4... success lose 2kg weight.. Congrate.... HAHA

So... what is my next year resolution???

DAMNS... Cant think of it yet..
Guess will go with...
1. Start active back in Blogger world..
2. Become more popular in Blogging world.. Even now seem have tiny miny reader only...
3. Continue to lose weight..
4. Obtain 6 packs..
5. Success to obtain my second RM1 from the investment and tradeoff world..
6. Lose more weight..
7. Become handsome..
8. Lose more more weight..
9. Become macho macho guy...

OK.. that my 9 next year resolution... YEHAAA......
Quite lots.. even many dup... HAHA..