What I want..

It been end of March..
1/4 of the Year had gone..
Still nothing had been achieved or improved..
After the LPI-1 examination..

Here what I wish to achieved by the end of the year..
This is the roughly plan..
First paper I wish to attend will be MySQL DBA..
Which I hope to take in Mei..
Second paper will be LPI-2 or CCNA..
Which I wish be taken on September follow with November another paper..

By the end of year..
At least 2 paper can be achieved..
Let see what my result by the end..

Bad Day...!!

This few days.. something not correct going on me.. It like blur plus forgetful..

Firstly, on monday my colleague inform me some error had happen to the data. Something not correct.. Then I recheck.. Shitty.. the data is wrong..I start to feel tension and start search and debug.. Then I do some simple query and found out.. 15% of the data have this bug... out of 450k data.. Start debug n debug and do checking.. End up.. Luckily the data is cause by the main source.. I just need do the collecting data again for 1 day to solve this problem. Nevermind... I re-collect the data..

Then.. Once the data almost done collect.. I found out another DAMN BUGS... This one make me speechless and feel I'm really SUX... This time.. is almost 35% of the data have this error.. out of 1.8 million data. Can say, the data is completely useless.. I start debug and found out.. I did another stupid error.. which when the hours is added, I did an increment on month instead of day.. SHIT MAN.. cause the data is earlier 1 month. Luckily, I knew this bug main root. Have to do manual adjustment on the main database..

Thirdly, on friday night went to Ming Tian for dinner. I put my external harddisk on the place I placed my house key, but I do feel something not working correctly at the moment.. But I ignore it, due feel nothing worse will happen. Have my dinner and enjoying chit chat.. Everything was fine until I reach home. I found out.. my external harddisk was not there anymore. WTF man. Where had it gone.. I search around my car, pusing here, touch here and there. But found nothing. The HARD DISK is gone. OMG. When it gone.. Nothing special was found at my car, the door is locked as usual and nothing gone. I had my bluetooth placed at the same place with hard disk.. but the bluetooth still there. I had few bucks placed in car.. It still remaining there. Gone is gone.. Anyway.. I rethink any important data inside there?? Lucky I had backup to my laptop due to empty more spaces for more movie to copy when borrow to fren. So far, only song, some software and DRAMA is gone.. GOD DAMN THE THIEF.. i can't watch my drama. Although I had thought to upgrade my external harddisk space from 80G to 250/500G in future.. But can't believe so fast need to invest on it.. Can't believe the hard disk is gone without any trace. FUCK THEM..

Then.. today went to have wedding dinner at Times Square. I park my car, locked and make sure everything is OK. Then I enjoy my dinner and went for second round at Neway Times Square. By the time I want go back.. I forget where my car parked. OMG.. why my memory so bad.. Feel bad to my friends have to teman me walk around.. But.. not that only.. I noticed and check all my pockets including the purse.. My parking ticket is GONE. WTF.. what had happen to me again.

Don't know what had happen to me this few week.. Seem everything not working perfectly and is opposite from what I expected.. Maybe I should go pray pray.. or drink OMEGA 3.. which suggest from my friend.. For pray.. I do have bad experience when go "tian hao kong" which my car clutch failure when naik the bukit.. So ...... man.. how tall is the "tian hao kong" bukit wor.. clutch also can crash.. Then the second time went there with my family.. my bro car get accident.. Sometimes make me delima either want go pray pray or not..

Hopefully everything will become better.. better and better..

Just for fun...

Received an email from friends. This one damn funny. You will laugh non-stop.. if you understand hokkien..

Two old friends - a Chinaman and a Malay were having a conversation recently ....

Apek:Lu potong zaka ada bagut ka?

Ali: Manyak bagus. Bila lu potong haa, lu punya barang manyak bersih loo...

Apek: err ... saya kawan ala cakap, potong zaka aaahh.... manyak ploblem..

Ali: Apa problem?

Apek: Manyak buang lui, lagi aah... dia punya performance tadak bagut... manyak cinang semputloh ...

Ali: Cehh... apek, lu apa cerita... saya suda lama potong. tada apa problem... bini saya manyak puas woo...

Apek: Lu mini puas sama itu potong zaka ka?

Ali: Ya laa. Bila lu potong aahh... lagi sedap main woo.. lu lagi lambat pancut..

Apek: err... lu punya 1.3 atau 1.5??

Ali: woi apek cakap baik2 sikit ha ... saya punya 6 inci laa..

Apek: Tiu nia ma... lu jangan main2 haa... mana ada potong zaka 6 inci..

Ali: Cilaka apek ni...nah tengok (opens his trousers).

Apek: Chee sin punya olang.....gua tanya baik2 ... lu tunjuk lupunya lanchiau..

Ali: Abis... lu tada percaya..saya tunjuk la..

Apek: Saya tadak tanya sama lu punya lanchiau... Saya tanya lu pasal itu nasional car... potong zaka.. bolo punya olang..

Ali: Aiya... apek... lain kali lu sebut betul2 la....kasi susa saja.. Bukan potong zaka la..... Proton Saga........lah


Everyday like stock market..
Up and down without warning or notice..
It is very frustrated when..
Something near..
But you can't grab it..
Something you can see..
But you can't own it..


It been weeks...
My cough still the same..
Not getting better.. but become worst..
I admit.. I am reckless with my own health..
For some people, my cough might sound extremely serious..
But for me.. I had been used to it..
Since child.. my cough not a sickness can sure in few days..
But took weeks and only certain medicine can cure it..
For some people, "pei pa kao" is like God medicine..
Can cure sore throat and cough like magic..
But for me.. even 2 huge bottle "pei pa kao" also will not relieve my throat..

Whatever it is..
After lots of friends and family..
Advise me.. Find Dr.. find dr.. find dr..
I'm quite stubborn and dislike see Dr..
But now.. I decided to have a look..
Success get MC from Dr and have some medicine..

Then.. I went back to Serdang to get my shoe repair..
And do all sort things I should..
The sesame chicken still the same at there.. Not much different with past few years..
The UPM students.. still that pretty.. also not much different with few years back..
The shop, people.. around there not much different with past few years..
All remain same and unchanged..

I realize.. changes only happen when you found something is nicer and better..
You will not change until someone come and told you.. a better things than your previous..
I still prefer let the aunty at PD to cut my hair.. althought no much style compare with others..
I still prefer visit the Dental at PD which I had visit him since child..
I still prefer let the Optical Uncle to check my eyes since I visit him since standard 5..
I still prefer have a look at the Shell Jeti when I drive back PD from KL..
I still prefer not to see Dr even i'm sick..

You will remain the same until you found important person told you what the best things..

Anyway.. the time i spend at Serdang.. perhaps.. is over than I should..
I do feel dehydrate by the sun.. Feel sick and fever is start attack me..

I do wish.. there will be some changes will happen around me..

4HappySeasons Restaurant

4HappySeasons is a restaurant using 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) as their concepts and the decorations, design have their own identity. As usual, most interested season will be Winter. In Winter, the lighting is in blue colour and the temperature is very cold. The sofa is very comfortable and do provide few baby pillow for hugging. Just missing some water spray in the place. They do provide some jackets in case someone could not stand with the cold.

Due to the blue lighting and coldness, it quite difficult to read the menu.. Everything seem blur and empty mind. Maybe our mind already no battery. Food portion are quite huge. If not too hungry, better have some sharing between friends. I love the meat, is very tasty and delicious. I would like to recommend this place for some yum cha activity since it quite cold and the drink price almost same with those at Station 1 or secret recipe. Is a comfortable place for chatting. Really nice.. Comfortable, reasonable, delicious and reasonable price..

Some part of Winter Area

Mango Layered with Green Mango Puree Topped with Freen Mango & Red Syrup (RM5.80)

Cappucino Layered with Chocolate Syrup Topped with Coffee Jelly (RM6.80)

Rose with Wintermelon (RM4.80)

Season's Special Fried Rice (RM 12)

Black Pepper Yaki Beef Treasure Box (RM 24)

American Club Sandwich (RM14)

Vietnamese BBQ Combination Fiesta (RM 10)

4HappySeasons is located at:
No. 9 Jalan Wangsa Delima,
1A, Section 5, Wngsa Maju,
53300 Kuala Lumpur.