Typhoon Jangmi

Second typhoon since I come Taiwan this year. This time is more stronger typhoon which directly hit Taiwan. Here.

Here is some interesting photo when this typhoon land. It is the strongest typhoon hit Taiwan since 1994.

Motorist lost control and hit the car.

Advertisement board slam to car due to strong winds.

Advertisement board going to fall.

Daniel Powter - Don't Give Up On Me

Daniel Powter - Don't Give Up On Me

I don't know what I did
But most bein' a fool
I got no excuses
So I wrote this song for you

Whatever the reasons did you come to say goodbye
I'm hoping for one more try
I want to change your mind

So I pick up the pieces
I swallow all my pride
I don't wanna wake up feeling this emptiness inside

Did it spinning around
Did it turn you upside down
I wonder when you found out I'm a waste of your time

So don't give up on me (don't give up on me)
I never meant to steal your smile
I haven't seen it for a while

Don't don't give up on me (don't give up on me)
Just try to understand
I can be your better man

I tell you once just don't give up on me

I tell you once just don't give up on me

And now I feel I'm out of please
I look for you on every stranger's face
I don't think I can do this any more
Don't think I do this any more

And every little things just falls apart
From the very first that day I broke your heart
It only makes me want you more and more
Just like before

Coz you're spinnin' around
And now you turn me upside down
I never meant to be a waste your time

So don't give up on me (don't give up on me)
I never meant to steal your smile
I haven't seen it for a while

Don't don't give up on me (don't give up on me)
Just try to understand
I can be your better man

I tell you once just don't give up on
Me and before
If you're not that alone
What am I supposed to do?

I tell you once just don't give up on me
Baby say you won't give up on me.

海角七號 (Cape No 7)

First movie I watch in Taiwan. Pretty interesting, humor and romantic. Recommended to watch with your lover. I like the Japan song but no idea what the name. Need to do some research.

Storyline: In a small town in Taiwan, a local band is form for music performance. This band is lead by a main actor Aga, work as postman with undelivered mail everyday and a beautiful Japanese lady called Tomoko, will monitor the band performance. Something humor, funny, romantic will happen all along the way...

OpenVPN in Windows Vista

Windows Vista security are too tight. Some will say it really "fan" due too many permission need allow when install 1 simple software. OpenVPN start support on Windows Vista with openvpn version2.1. Currently all still in Release Candidate.

Here what you can do to run openvpn in windows vista.

  1. Download latest openvpn 2.1 version at here.
  2. Install and allow all permission.
  3. Once done, start openvpn from startmenu. Right click and choose "Run as Administrator".
  4. Connect to the destination place.
That all. Simple and easy. The important things is at step 3. Currently I still face problem with connect 2 different places with openvpn in windows vista.

Enable Syntax Highlight in Ubuntu

In Ubuntu, it is hard to read config, code, file when the syntax is turn off or all in black and white. To enable the syntax, you can type ":syntax on" at the file

If there is an error appear when type syntax on"

You need reinstall the vim again with the commandThen retype ":syntax on" . It should be work now.

If not happy and do not want always type "syntax on". Set it as permanent with follow the steps:

  1. edit the /etc/vimrc file. If no privileges to edit, use sudo command
  2. add the line "syntax on" at the file
  3. save and everything will be in colour

Giveaway of the Day

Feel free to visit this two interesting site. They offer new games and software for free. Yes... it is free, no need payment, no advertisement pop up. Everyday will have new giveaway.

Limitation? Each new software and game they offer, only can be download on the same day they offer.

Software Giveaway of the Day

Game Giveaway of the Day


Typhoon Sinlaku

Taiwan hit by typhoon. My first experience. Nothing special.. It look normal like heavy rain in KL. Just the wind is stronger. First lesson; dont run in strong wind. You can get blown easily.

Found out this typhoon called typhoon Sinlaku at here. Expected to hit heavy on Saturday evening.

Everything seem normal with rain, just can see the tree dance.
Strong wind. Can easily get blown.
Dark sky, It is 2pm now.

Windows Vista

Windows XP life going to end soon by microsoft. But there still a lot things had not fix or compatible with Windows Vista. Currently I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium which come together with my new Asus Laptop. The graphic, animation, everything working beautifully and exotic.

OF COURSE ITS NICE TO SEE... 800MB RAM is consumed..

2G RAM can consider so-so only when you use Vista. It is better if have 3-4G RAM. But too bad 32-bit OS only can support until 3.5G RAM.

There is an option called Windows Experience Index. It wise not to upgrade or check. Be true, your graphic will a lot nicer. But you will experience hang, bluescreen and so on.. DONT CHECK THE Index..
After quite long run with Windows Vista, feel that Windows XP still the best. Maybe there too little software can support Vista. Especially for my work, the firepass still not support Vista driver. So I have to relay on Open VPN.. In the End.. Vista ROCK..


Here I come.. reached Taiwan for second times this years. Last month, my life in Taiwan is full of work work in mind. Hopefully this time, some bugs had solved and I can enjoy a bit.

Sometimes... when you at Malaysia or Taiwan or others places. People can assume, there can start new beginning or new life. But in fact, heart, mind, thinking, breath and everything still function in the same way although you been to end of the world. The air you breath is shared the same sky. The land you step is still call Earth. the beating heart still the same heart that been with you for how long you been survive.

In reality, nothing can be cured in short periods. Everything also "needs times". New life or adaptability to new situation is not as easy ask what everyone think.

Xen Server

Nowadays, virtual machine been used moderate for testing and development. Last few years, I had tested xen server function at my working place. Found out, it is an interesting software or technology especially when doing virtual machine.

Now I try to rebuild the xen server with 2 virtual machine (Windows 2003 and RedHat). Found out there will be no problem to create RedHat as VM in xenserver. But there is problem with windows 2003. There is a limitation you need. For Windows Server, your server must support VT(Virtual Technology). If your processor not support, then no luck but need use third party software. The VT can be enabled in Bios.

From my experience, for a better usage on both VM. It wiser to enable vnc or remote desktop services due to the console is quite slow and small. Beside, the download by both VM seem slower. Maybe due to 1 NIC is shared by 3 hosts.

Besides that, everything seem running well. Now only need someone do some test running on the xen server.

Sorrow Night

I cannot believe this will be my 1st post after year after year decide to blog.

Everyone might,may, or will do mistake. No matter what the mistake, there will be turning back or solution or even forgiveness. In this world, there only few mistakes will make you regret forever especially when you knew you can avoid it.

The pain from bottom heart come when there is some scratch or regret appear. The crack will hurt you even more even you will feel 1 seconds in world equally to 100 years in world. The time run slow and slower. You wish the dream will end soon. But reality is reality, we cannot change it.

Pride is the greatest enemy in this case. Something calm may not as calm as it be. What you thought is stable is definitely not stable at all. This is the greatest lesson need to learn and remind and pinch to your heart. You must choose whatever or do anything, but the price you still need to pay.

Here, I greatly regret what i should and should not do.. Just 2 month, something great can happen. It cannot be said short period or long. Something need happen will happen. All cause by "pride" and stupidly. If I can overwhelm, conquer, dispose... everything may act as normal back.

There are too many mistakes I had make. I hope i can wake up from this bad dream. If I really awake, I definitely will remain the special attitude from the first day until the day I die. If not awake, I prepared to fight back to gain what I had lose and what you need.

I will not allow those pride, "men" believe, self-fish mind, stupidly, "cleverness" to conquer me once again. I wish everything will be fine and peaceful again .

p.s goh, thanks a lot, you are my buddy.... All da best to you too