Install MySQL in Linux

Step to Install MySQL on RedHat machine.

1. Create directory for MySQL base directory and data directory. This step will easier in future, for add another MySQL version or new Daemon without delete the existing version.
At here, /usr/share/mysql51 will be the base directory, while /var/lib/mysql51 will be data directory.

2. Create a new group and user called mysql, which will used only for restart the mysql engines.

3. Download the MySQL source using wget command.
"wget [MySQL-tar-URL]"

4. Once finished download, tar the file.
"tar zxf [MySQL.tar.gz]"

5. Enter the directory then configure the package. Point the prefix to base diretory location.
"./configure --prefix=/usr/share/mysql51 --with-mysqld-user=mysql"

For MySQL version 5.1 above, some engines does not installed automatic and need to specified in the beginning when do compilation. For example, If need to add engines innobase, partition and federated, run the configure with.
"./configure --prefix=/usr/share/mysql51 --with-mysqld-user=mysql --with

Once compile success, will see the message as below.

6. "make && make install"

Message when make and make install success.

7. Copy the my-medium.cnf file to /etc directory. Choose the my.cnf file according to the server specification.
"cp ./support-files/[my-type.cnf] /etc/my.cnf"
8. Edit the my.cnf file

Change the socket location, will be useful when have multiple daemon running.
Add new variable datadir which point to the data directory created.
Change and add any necessary variables.

9. Change to MySQL base directory and install mysql db
"/usr/share/mysql51/bin/mysql_install_db --user=mysql"

Message show once the install db success. Check any error appear which indicate the wrong setting appear in the my.cnf.

10. Change the ownership on the basedir and datadir.
"chown -R root:mysql [basedir]"
"chown -R mysql:mysql [datadir]"

11. Start the mysql with point the defaults-file to the my.cnf location.
"/usr/share/mysql51/bin/mysqld_safe --defaults-file=/etc/my.cnf --user=mysql &"

12. Access to MySQL with command and set password for MySQL root user.
"/usr/share/mysql51/bin/mysql -u[user] -p -h[host] -P[port]"
"SET PASSWORD FOR root@localhost=PASSWORD('[password]');"

Technical Support

Some funny cartoon where i received from email.
It is hilarious..
Sometimes it is very true when you deal with end-user..



Few month ago..
It had postage to an owner..
Whom desperate to keep fit..
But it always stored in a small cage..
Never bring to show a light..
Now at last..
After few month..
Its free..
Release from the cage..
That is..
My swimming trunk..
Can be wear..
For my first swimming activity for year 2009..
Manage to wear for 2 hours..
In the swimming pool..
And I had learn to swim..
As far as 3 meters..
What the FUCK..
At least is a good beginning..
......... *speechless...

Valentine Day Outing..

This year Valentine Day outing is something quite enjoy and weird. Last week, Larry and I do some planning what to do in Valentine Day since we still single.. We decided have a movie follow with clubbing or have some drink. Due to JUST WE 2 GUY.. I feel it is a bit GAY to go out in valentine day. We decided to ask my housemate join our party and Jean join us.. Now we have 3 peoples.

Who know.. In the end, we manage to gather 8 peoples for this outing. The funniest is.. among the 8 people; Larry ask 1 friend join, Jean ask 1 friend join, I ask 2 friends and 1 of my friends (Poh Kok) ask another friend join us. So many stranger.. HAHA..

At first when we meet.. it a bit awkward.. I don't know Larry friends, I don't know Jean friends, I don't know my friends friend.. So do they.. We having a weird introduction at Pavillion food court. Each intro their own friend to others..

We went for a movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". This movie length is 2 hours 45 minutes. Is a long movie and Romantic movie. Lucky I did not go watch with Larry only.. *sweat*. This movie story is about Benjamin Button with a weird sickness. He born with old skin, completely like an old fork health. Then when he grew up.. His growth is "terbalik" with normal person. He will getting younger and younger. It is a touching movie.. Suitable to watch with partner.. AND don't forget.. Buy drink and watch in comfortable cinema since is a long tail movie..

After the movie, we walk to Poppy Collection. This place is quite crowded. We order 2 bottles of Bacardi Limon which cost us RM493 include tax. There are no place for you to dance or walk. Is pack and hardly can find an empty place. But the song quite nice. It quite fun and enjoy. Although many stranger in our group but we manage to get know each other well.

Thanks Guys for the enjoying night..

(p.s Larry.. thanks.. I know how to ask when I forget someone name ^^)

Happy Valentine Day

There are several important days need to remember..
Your partner birthday.. IMPORTANT..
Anniversary date.. IMPORTANT..
So do with 14 February..
Girls wish to get a boutique of roses from the one they loved..
or at least.. most least is a present..
Then for guys will headache where to bring their loved one for their romantic dinner..
or cook a romantic simple dinner will be fine too.

But for those single.. may feel emptiness on this date..
Some will decided let stay at house.. so no need see people "pak to"..
Some will decided go out with "bujang" friends to celeb..
Some will choose go out "kacau" their friends "pak to"..
Whatever it is... Let relax and enjoy this special day..

~~Happy Valentine Day~~


There are too many sickness.. Many young ppl does not care much about their own health.. especially ME.. Now I feel.. anything you take or did in young age.. may cause problem in old days in future..

Here I highlight a sickness called Gangrene. This sickness is quite troublesome for my view.. You may lost your leg is diagnose by this disease. For an easier definition for this sickness will be Leg-eating disease. Can you imagine how fucking is it when you getting older.. you need cut your leg down due to this disease.. It is damn sux.

I do some reading on net and found some useful information. It will be best to know the symptom before get infected.

Below is the post i pick from BBC site.

What is it?

Gangrene is the death of body tissue in a localised area due to loss of its blood supply. It isn't green - in the parts of the body that are affected, the skin turns black and oozes pus.

Gangrene is thought of as occurring in an arm or a leg, but it can set in wherever there is body tissue. Fingers and toes are the most common parts of the body to be affected, although internal tissue can also turn gangrenous.

Different types

There are two types of gangrene: dry and wet.

Reduction of the blood supply to body tissue causes dry gangrene. A poor blood supply (or none at all) leads to tissue death, and injury is a common reason for this type.

Wet gangrene is caused by toxin-producing bacteria that destroy body tissue. Clostridium bacteria produce lethal toxins in a wound, known as gas gangrene. The skin looks as though there are bubbles underneath, and pus and infection spread rapidly.

What causes it?

The most common causes of gangrene are conditions and activities that may block or destroy the blood supply to body tissue, such as:

  • Injury
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Thrombosis
  • Frostbite
  • Severe burns
  • Drinking excessive alcohol

Old age also increases the risk of gangrene.

Can it be prevented?

People at risk of developing gangrene should exercise their fingers and toes regularly and wear well-fitting shoes. It's vital to carry out scrupulous foot care, including nail-cutting by a chiropodist.

What's the treatment?

Dead tissue is surgically removed, then steps are taken to address the condition that led to gangrene. For example, anticoagulants are used to prevent blood from clotting, and surgery restores blood supply to the affected part of the body. It’s important to prevent infection by keeping the area clean and, if infection develops, antibiotics will be necessary.

Patients need plenty of rest and should take prescribed pain relievers. It's especially important to keep wounds clean - previous generations used maggots, but antiseptic dressings are now used, although maggots are making a comeback.

Sometimes, hyperbaric oxygen treatment is recommended.

Provided gangrene is diagnosed early and treated swiftly, many people make a full recovery without the need for amputation. As always, prevention is better than cure, so keep wounds clean and sterile to prevent gangrene setting in.

Any complications?

Dead body tissue must be removed to prevent infection spreading to surrounding areas, so sometimes gangrenous fingers or toes are amputated.

In extreme cases, where gangrene has spread and isn't responding to other treatments, amputation of the limb is necessary. Gas gangrene is the most dangerous form and must be treated quickly.

This article was last medically reviewed by Dr Rob Hicks in April 2008

For other useful information.. can refer to here from WrongDiagnosis.

Lets take care our health properly..

Last Day of Chinese New Year 2009

Time flies..
8 years is just like a blink of eyes..
Just like happen yesterday..
Everything come and go in a flash..
What happen had happen..
The pass is the pass..
No matter sweet or sour..
It will always keep in mind..
As history and called nostalgia..

So fast, It's really fast.. 15 days CNY going to over soon.. Have to wait 1 more years..
For gathering with old old friends..
For enjoying the small casino..
For eating all my mum cookies..

30th Night Re-Union Steamboat

Lucky Draw AngPau (from my KohKoh Aunty)

Pai Tian Gong

Pai Tian Gong (All vege ^^)

Old Old Friends Pai Nian

A Black Box

How is your feeling?
No one will know..
What do you want to do next?
No one will know..
When you will ready?
No one will know..
Without a clear answer..
Without seeing you..
Without get any respond from you..
I only...
Only able to guess..
The answers may correct..
or wrongs..
The real answer will remain mystery forever..
It's same with the Black Box Theory..
No one is clearer than your own feeling..
The answer in the Box..
Will it keep changes..
Or will the same all the time..
No one will know it..
Until you really clarify..
Or open the Black Box..
For me to see..