Port Dickson Famous Rojak..

Almost 1 month do not blog anything..
There lots of interesting I want to blog again..

Let start with Port Dickson..
1 of the best in PD town food..

It was the.. Rojak...
Yummy.. love rojak a lot..
This shop is located at PD town..
If you cant find it..
Just mention.. PD old pasar.. Everyone at PD knew where it is..
Unless the person MIA long time ago..

As you can see, there is Rojak & Mee Goreng..
The mee goreng also superior nice...
If you dare.. Don't ask for kurang pedas..

For Rojak, there are mee rojak and rojak biasa..
What the different??
See also know liao.. 1 got mee, 1 don't have mee..
That all.. but the one don't have mee, will get more bean sprout.. (taugeh)..
quite crispy though...

Human Being..

When I'm child.. I wish I can grow faster.. for skip going to school..
When I'm in University... I wish I can come to work place.. to skip all wasting subject..
When I'm in workfield.. I wish I can go back to school.. So can holiday when I want..
When I'm old... Maybe I wish can be kindergarten child which have lots youth to come..


A lot unsatisfied thought and regret..

When I'm in kindergarten.. I don't even think what is money..
When I'm in primary.. I think.. Everyday, I hold 50 cents will feel secure..
When I'm in secondary.. I think.. Everyday, should have at least RM50 to feel secure..
When I'm in University.. I think.. Everyday, I must have RM100++..
When I'm in Working.. I think.. Everyday, I must have RM300++..
I'm wondering... How much will it be when I reach age 30, 40, 50 or older...
Will everything can be satisfied?

Everyone also wish.. to be success and have a fine days.. calm and peaceful..

I do believe... I still can be improve..
Nothing can be limit cause we are HUMAN...
Human can do anything If they think they can..
Nothing is impossible..

But there do some enemy which HUMAN scare the most..
Greedy.. Laziness.. Stubborn.. Chicken..
ARE the worst enemy..
Even a little small demotivated.. will killed a human..

Then as usual.. if there is darkside..
OF COURSE there still have brightside..

Still remember when I'm young..
I start make my own improvement based on comic character..
Dragon Ball, Daraemon, Samurai X, GTO, Yuyu...
All only for fun and enjoyment..
I learn the most from Slam Dunk comic..

What make you more perfect than prodigy..
There must be Hardworking and believe..
Must accept what is your mistake and start make improvement from there..
If a genius.. done by 1 days.. Then you need hardwork done it withing 1 days..
but of course with extra hours..

Believe yourself and dare yourself...