Happy Lap Chun Day

Day had pass.. 

It is Official Dragon Year Day 2..
Yesterday is Lap Chun Day..
Where they mention It the beginning of new Zodiac Year...
Yess.. Its Dragon Year...
Dragon Baby.. Dragon Wedding.. Dragon Proposal..
As long anything is Dragon.. Chinese people will HAPPY..

By the way..
They do say... when Lap Chun Day.. 
Doing egg stand will bring lots of wealth and luck..



Morning Drink...

Love and love and love..
Love it alot with Coffee..
Can't awake without a slip or coffee...

Then got to grab a cup of Ice Blended Espresso..
and free a Starbuck Planner 2012 with RM100 topup.. (while stock last)..

K.. its a lame post... @@

A New Post for Y2012

Something excited had been happen in the New Year 2012..
Another revolution of the year been archived..

Then there is another minor revolution can be celeb..
Managed to arhived the RM2 from the online sales..
Hope everything keep on and on...

By the way..
It is indeed very bored and bored and bored to board a early morning flight...
All the shop is closed and had to wait 2 hours in boarding gates...
Damn sien le at here...

Shit... found difficulty to operate my laptop webcam..
Try some 'ji pak' style... @@

Damn Bored and sleepy..